VIDPON™ - Video Daily Deals

In development since 2011, VidPon™ Video Daily Deals was ahead of its time. Look for the new VidPon™ App soon.

Welcome to VidPon™

In development since 2011, VidPon™ set the standard for Daily Deals. Today no one has attempted to duplicate the two patents and ground breaking proprietary information. VidPon™ will resurface when technology needed to properly enjoy video daily deals has saturated the US Market.

VidPon™ is the perfect investment vehicle for large funds or individuals whom desire an inroad into the next generation of daily deals. Groupon started the daily deal revolution and VidPon™ will grab the baton and usher America into the next generation of daily deals. For information email

    VidPon™ LLC is a Minneapolis, Minnesota company.
Why VidPon™?
VidPon™ Saves Big Money

America now depends on daily deal discounts!

VidPon™ Reaches Women

Shopping, Dining, Groceries and Family Events!

VidPon™ Reaches Men

Bars, sports, tickets, auto and more!

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